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YouTube – Your Paid Advertising Platform of Choice

Paid advertising can work for your business, but there are some advantages and disadvantages. Pay per click is a popular internet marketing model where an advertiser pays an publisher each time the ad is clicked on. If you are an internet marketer, you have probably heard of pay per click advertising. In this model, an advertiser pays the publisher if a visitor to their website clicks on their advertisement.

Paid Advertising

There are several pay per click advertising networks that are available on the internet today. Some of the most popular include: Google AdSense, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Yahoo Publisher Network, Clicksor and Instagram Marketing. The advantage of using these platforms is that they all work very well together. You can purchase qualified leads from any one of these channels and target them based on their interests. These platforms work well together because of the cross-channel targeting that they provide.

Paid advertising campaigns can also be set up for social media platforms such as: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, StumbleUpon and MySpace. With these popular social media channels, an advertiser can create ads that will appear in a person’s feed when they are browsing these channels. Once someone sees your paid advertising campaign on one of these channels, they are more likely to click on it and be exposed to your product or service. In a way, you are creating brand awareness for your product by advertising on social media platforms.

A drawback of using paid advertising on digital platforms such as YouTube is that you are limited to only a few seconds of advertisement time. After someone clicks on your ad, you can no longer do anything else except take their screen name and email address so you can follow up with them. However, many companies are finding great success by using YouTube for the purpose of marketing. Because YouTube is a highly ranked search engine, it allows you to easily see where your ads are displayed within the search results.

When you use YouTube for the purpose of paid advertising, you will be able to reach a significantly larger audience than if you used only other digital channels. YouTube boasts over 800 million viewers and this gives you tremendous opportunity to advertise to a much larger audience than what you would be able to reach with another channel. With digital platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, you have to carefully select your advertisements so that they are strategically placed within the right places within the video. This is one reason why many people believe that using YouTube for the purpose of driving organic traffic to your website can be very effective. Because the video goes viral very quickly, you can be sure that the audience you target will be very targeted and receptive to your offers.

The use of YouTube for the purpose of driving organic traffic to your website has also been proven to be very effective because of the extremely low cost of running paid advertising campaigns. Because the video goes viral very quickly, you can be sure that the audience you target will be highly responsive to your offers. In fact, most of the time, they will click on the ad right away and visit your website or sign up to your mailing list. Another advantage of YouTube is that you can track the performance of your ads very easily, which allows you to make any changes that may be necessary to improve your results. It is a great way to run a variety of paid advertising campaigns, but it doesn’t require a huge investment in either money or time to start seeing the results you are looking for.