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What is a Conversion Funnel and How it Can Help You Generate Leads?

Lead generation is one of the most important skills in online marketing. Definition: unlike a standard click-through landing page that acts as a warm up before an action like selling a product or services, the so-called lead generation landing pages are used primarily to collect personal data and establish initial contact points to generate as many potential leads or prospects as possible. If your website is a real money maker for you, then you need to be good at lead generation. But before you start learning how to get leads, what exactly is it?

Lead Generation

In its most basic sense, lead generation means getting visitors to fill out a form with their name and email address. The form may be simple and consists of few columns where you ask visitors for their first name, last name, email address, city, state, subscription type, and so on. You don’t need to worry about the details now – you just need to focus on the important aspect – getting the name and email address of the visitors to your web site!

There are two main ways by which you can get this data. You could either encourage visitors to complete the form on your website by making it difficult for them to do so and make them fill in all the required fields. Or you could ask visitors to fill in some optional fields and collect that data too. This second option is much more time consuming and therefore not very effective. The real money-makers in lead generation today are the people who provide useful information to their audience – information which they have collected from their own pockets. Such people are willing to put in some work, put in some effort, and invest some time to get valuable leads for their businesses.

The process of collecting email addresses and other information for lead generation today is known as the “aerial marketing” technique. In this case, the website owner collects the contact details of the visitors who come to his or her website via organic search engine results, referrals from other websites, or ads and promotions posted on the website. He or she also collects other data such as the IP address of the visitor, the pages visited, time of visit, what pages were visited, what pages were clicked, and so on. Then he has to segment the data to know what are the best landing pages to send the visitors to after they have been sent to the opt-in form on the website.

This segmentation is done using what is called “siroker testing” – a process that is used extensively in the lead generation industry to identify what works and what does not. Through this process, websites are identified according to different criteria that work on different websites. This means that when a user comes to the website A and clicks through to B because of the interest shown on the landing pages A & B, then this could mean that there are some conversion problems because the user did not get an order or opted-in after going through the interest page and did not fill the contact form.

To be able to solve such problems, marketers are turning to conversion funnel technology. This is a form of lead generation that uses the Google AdWords and Google AdSense programs to generate leads and generate sales for the website owners. Conversion funnel generates qualified leads for websites by using an artificial intelligence system that makes assumptions about the actions of visitors. The next time you visit Google, look closely to the top result and you will see a conversion funnel in place that generates qualified leads.