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Three Things Every Lead Generation Landing Page Should Accomplish

In recent years we’ve seen the evolution of lead generation services. Many companies have found that through social media, email marketing, or other forms of lead generation that they are able to significantly increase their sales and profits. The great thing about lead generation services is that you don’t have to have your own product or service to sell. You can simply use your website, blog or social media pages to sell someone else’s products. This article will discuss how to get leads with these services and where to find qualified leads.

Definition: unlike a regular click-through landing site that serves as a warm up before an act like selling a product or service, your so-called lead generation landing site is used to gather personal details and then establish relationship points with those individuals to generate as many leads as possible. Typically what happens is that when someone comes to your site and clicks on an ad that directs them toward more information about that item, your system tracks the IP address of that visitor and uses that data to personalize a custom landing page that contains a customized offer to that visitor. Typically that offer will contain a value proposition (VSP) and/or other incentive for that visitor to opt-in to the list. After that is done, the visitor is taken to a page that contains the VSP and/or incentive that was presented on the custom landing page. Generally, after that information is collected, it’s sent on to the source of the lead for proper conversion.

How to Get Leads: When people come to your site they are generally looking for a service or a solution. After they’ve clicked your advertisement or made a purchase from your online commerce, what you want to do is track the actions of those visitors in order to generate targeted traffic to your lead generation landing pages. To do this you will need to build automated e-mail lists, build action capture pages and set up follow-up systems. You also need to track your conversion rates – how many of those leads actually followed through with making a purchase or signing-up in order to generate a sale. This information is essential to helping you identify the success or failure of your landing pages and your lead generation efforts.

The Offer: This is the one part in any Lead Generation System that most web marketers tend to overlook. Your landing pages should have an offer. You can use anything from an incentive based to a free report or e-book that has all the elements that are necessary for converting that prospect into a client.

The Copy: Once you’ve established an opportunity and an offer, you need to create copy that targets your potential customers. The copy needs to be highly targeted and specific. One thing to remember here is that the copy you write for your landing pages is a direct reflection of what you are trying to accomplish as a company. If you want to earn large commissions from each sale, you must make sure that your prospects want to buy what you have to offer. If you don’t communicate this clearly to your leads, they won’t be willing to read your material.

The Personal Information: Finally, you need to personalize your Lead Generation landing pages. Don’t use sales pitches, instead provide valuable information about the products or services you are selling, along with a link to your website. This personalization will make it much easier for those leads to trust you and eventually open their doors. Never put any personal information on any page of your Lead Generation landing pages.