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The Importance of Content Marketing for Success in Your Business

Content marketing

The Importance of Content Marketing for Success in Your Business

Content marketing and search engine optimization live in separate universes. Good content is generally optimized for search fairly easily by the nature of its density and high quality. The issue happens, though, when content marketers fail to take the right perspective on the processes that fuel the findability of good content and, thus, miss their mark. Optimizing content for search engines is about finding a balance between too much and too little, about including enough specific and highly relevant information, while removing irrelevant data and information that do not add value. In other words, it is about making sure that what the viewer sees is much more than a rote list of three to five keywords arranged haphazardly and semi-insanely.

But content marketing and search engine optimization cannot survive without each other, for the very reason that they are themselves mutually dependent. Content marketers need to make sure that they are optimizing for keywords and that they are creating content that is useful for readers, while search engine optimization keeps the wheels turning and makes sure that incoming links help their cause along. For instance, if there are plenty of outbound links coming into your site from credible third party sources, the likelihood is pretty high that the incoming links are also getting the same attention from the spiders and the bots that the site receives from the search engines. A perfect storm of content marketing and search engine optimization is, therefore, the way to go for an online campaign that will reap real results.

There are a few guidelines that search engine optimization services can help you implement to help you create that perfect storm of content marketing and search engine optimization. The first is to make sure that you are getting the most out of the links that you put in place. Article directories, blog commenting services, social bookmarking sites like Twitter, and video sharing sites like YouTube, all form part of the huge network of websites that can help you increase your traffic. By submitting as many articles and videos as possible, as well as offering to post or tweet on these sites on a regular basis, you will be able to generate more outbound links. More outbound links, in turn, means higher rankings at the various search engines.

Another tip is to use keywords in your titles and in the body of your articles or videos. Using keywords strategically throughout your content allows the search engines to find it more easily when a user searches for similar items. The trick is to use your keywords at the start of every sentence in your writing, instead of placing the keywords at the end, which many times search engines will not take into consideration. It’s better to position keywords at the start of each sentence and use your choice of ending words at the end.

A third step towards making your online marketing campaigns succeed is by knowing the ranking methods of your chosen keywords. One of the most popular ranking methods is to use the Yahoo Site Explorer tool, which is available free online. This tool allows you to view the rank of every page within your website based upon a variety of criteria. Some of these factors are the anchor text used to link to certain pages, anchor texts used to hyperlink to specific pages, and the frequency of incoming links. Other considerations that are taken into account are the number of internal and external links coming from each page, and the number of pages linking to a particular page within your site.

When you are trying to get the most out of your content marketing efforts, you should try to have as many internal links as possible. Internal linking tends to be more valuable than external links because you can usually identify which links came from which specific pages within your site. However, this is not always the case. External linking and internal linking can be useful at the same time, so it really depends on you and your business as to what type of advantage you would like to gain from your marketing efforts.