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The 4 pillars of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses all internet marketing strategies that utilize either an online device or a web site. These days, businesses are leaning towards online advertising and digital marketing because of its reach and effectiveness. Businesses leverage digital platforms like search engines, social media, blogs, and others to connect with potential and existing customers. Social Media outlets include Facebook and Twitter; search engines include Google and Yahoo; email services offer spam and bulk emailing; and web sites cater to everything from product offerings to news releases. Digital marketing strategies employ a wide range of methods to help businesses gain exposure and attract new customers.

Digital Marketing

How can I get links on my website? Many companies utilize social media marketing to gain links and drive traffic to their web site. Companies can post information, such as articles, blog posts, or videos, on relevant social media outlets, and then allow fans or followers on these platforms to share the content on their walls or in their comments section. For example, if an online company wants to build a fan page on Facebook, they could write informative articles about their products and then request fans or followers to “like” or share the page on Facebook.

What is Social Media? Social media refers to any of a number of online interactivity tools, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, and others, which allow users to create and share information on a personalized basis. For example, on Facebook a user can create a status update, which can be shared by friends or other users with the use of a photo or video. Businesses can take advantage of this functionality by creating a Facebook application that collects contact information based on user interests (such as acne treatments) and then asking friends to “like” the application so that they can spread the word to their network of friends.

What is Link Building? Link building refers to the practice of obtaining other people’s links so that you can then place them on your own website. For example, a local business could build links with other local businesses in the area so that their customers can read information about their business and learn more about where they can go for their own needs. Similarly, influencers can build links with companies who have an interest in their industry so that they can reach new potential customers.

What is Content Marketing? Content marketing refers to publishing high-quality content in areas such as blogs, websites, and magazines in order to attract readership. Experts in the field often discuss topics in such venues in order to build links to other experts. In essence, Content Marketing is a strategy that allows companies to “Dive Deeper Into the Mind of the Market” in order to uncover unmet customer needs.

What is Guest Posting? Guest blogging, also known as blog posts, is a great way to engage others in conversations online. In order to be considered effective, however, you should have some knowledge in your particular niche in order to be able to present an opinion that is useful to others. Many times, it is beneficial for companies to engage in guest blogging in order to build their brands and to use their expertise in areas that are not easily found by hiring an entire department full of researchers. Some of the best ways to engage in guest blogging include writing articles, posting in social media, or creating infographics.