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Organic SEO and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Organic SEO

Organic SEO and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Organic SEO refers to optimize a web site in such a manner that it naturally rises high in major search engine rankings. Organic SEO can help you improve your site’s search engine rankings and bring it to the top of the lists with less effort. It does not necessarily guarantee a huge influx of new visitors to your site, but it definitely ranks high in searches, which is a great deal for any business owner. Paid search, on the other hand is a totally a paid advertising, commonly known as Pay Per Click (PPC). There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with organic optimization.

For one thing, there is no denying that organic SEO is less expensive than paid search, at least at the start. If you manage to optimize your site properly, it will be able to sustain itself with relatively little PPC ads or in some cases even with just PPC clicks, although these are gradually coming into place. Also, organic SEO offers more targeted traffic since keywords are usually carefully selected, whereas with PPC ads most clicks are broad based, hence resulting in rather general traffic.

But if you do not manage to get the organic seo techniques right, you may end up spending money without seeing results. When you are paying PPC ads, you will have to be prepared to wait for as long as three or four months before you can finally see results. If you hire people to manage your PPC campaigns, you will not be able to control the costs. In case you cannot afford to hire professionals, you may also need to spend lots of money and time monitoring the campaigns, which is not always possible with organic seo.

Of course, it should be mentioned that there are some disadvantages as well when you use PPC. One of the main disadvantages is that you will need to pay per click and sometimes pay a lot per click in order to get enough visitors. But if you manage to make your campaign’s cost-effective, you will not need to spend so much and this will help you improve your ranking in the organic search marketing.

However, one disadvantage is that it does not allow you to create a backlink network. You will only be able to generate relevant backlinks from other related sites. When you are optimizing for organic SEO, you will be able to gain many relevant backlinks from other high-quality sites. So you will be able to get more traffic and better organic SERP positions. The good thing about having high quality backlinks is that your site will be indexed more often and your web pages will be featured more prominently in organic search results, which means that your website will be trusted more by users.

Organic SEO is the best choice for your business as it has the most advantages and gives you the best possible ROI. But in order to make it work effectively for your business, you need to make sure that you do not commit some of the common mistakes that are made in the non-organic market. First of all, you will need to make sure that you are not over-optimizing your web pages. This is a big mistake that many people who try to promote their websites with PPC do. They tend to use keywords in a way they are not applicable, which will affect the relevance of your web pages. You will not have a good ROI in organic SEO if you cannot improve your page rank in a systematic way.