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Lead Generation – Using Your Website to Generate Leads

Lead Generation

Lead Generation – Using Your Website to Generate Leads

Landing pages are where you actually “land” your potential customers after they have clicked on your website. Landing pages are the most important part of any e-business website. Definition: unlike a regular click-through landing page that serves only as a warm-up phase before an action like selling a service or product, the so called lead generation landing pages is use to gather personal details and establish relationship points to generate as many leads or potential prospects as possible. This section is usually made with the use of a form letter or a form that requires some input from the prospective client. This section is crucial when it comes to generating an effective amount of leads for your business. Here are some of the techniques you can use to improve the effectiveness of your landing pages.

Provide testimonials on your landing pages. Place testimonials in front of your target audience. Testimonials are a powerful way to get your message across and ensure that your target audience get a sense of assurance and trust from you and will want to check out your product or service. Provide your audience with some credibility by utilizing testimonials.

Optimize Your landing pages to reach your conversion rates goals. Optimize your landing pages to make them easy for your target audience to read and understand. Learn how to use the right type of headlines and subheadings to influence your audience and get them to make the decision right away. Focus your keywords and other optimization tactics on these parts and you’ll see a big difference in the results you receive.

Include testimonials on your sales letters and email campaigns. Provide testimonials on your sales letters to give potential customers a sense of assurance and trust when they’re buying from you. The more testimonials you have on your sales pages, the better chance you have of increasing conversion rates.

Use lead capture software on your landing pages. Utilizing capture software on your landing pages will convert your prospects into paying customers. Capture the information about your potential customer before they join your list and you’ll be able to follow up with these leads using email and other autoresponder features.

Use the power of your website to generate lead forms. There are many free conversion rate tools available online that you can use to generate your own lead forms. If you have the capability to write simple code, you can easily create lead form forms that automatically insert themselves on your web pages. Just make sure you place the forms on pages that have large amounts of traffic. The more traffic that your site receives, the better chance you have of converting these leads into actual sales.