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Lead Generation – Optimizing for Siroker Conversion Rate

Lead Generation

Lead Generation – Optimizing for Siroker Conversion Rate

Lead generation is one of the most important components of any e-commerce venture. With a well-developed lead generation system you can create an online business that will be profitable for years to come. This process begins with a qualified list. A lead generation landing webpage is basically a web page specifically designed to capture and collect contact information from those in the marketplace for your particular product or service and then deliver it to your e-commerce site for follow up.

To accomplish this goal a lead generation landing pages supplies useful information available free of charge when the visitor completes a registration form. As soon as they submit their name and email address the website owner is able to instantly start communicating with these leads on a one-on-one basis. It’s a simple way to keep in touch with customers and it’s cost effective way to connect with prospects and potential customers. Here’s how to get leads online with these amazing landing pages.

The best part about integrating social media into your landing pages is that it helps to automate the whole process. By using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to share interesting content related to your niche your leads will begin to see your content as content that other people want to see. In order to encourage visitors to your site to share the content with their friends, the website owner simply has to integrate this content into the social proofing of the page. To integrate social proof the content has to offer good reasons for visitors to pass over to your site like; it looks good, it’s relevant, it’s current, it’s useful and it offers some kind of incentive for the user to take advantage of your content.

So how can you optimize your pages for the search engines? Well the answer lies in mastering the art of loading speed. If your website is not loading fast enough for visitors to load then they will not stay on your page. So to draw potential customers you have to optimize your pages so that they load instantly.

Now another important factor is converting your leads into sales. You need to be able to close a sale before you even hit your conversion rate goals. This is usually determined by testing, especially with split tests. Split testing involves having different versions of your landing pages and tracking how many of your visitors opt-in to your list, how many of them buy from you, etc. Ideally you want to hit a conversion rate somewhere between fifty and one hundred percent. That means you should be seeing a lot of leads converting into sales, but you are not seeing too many sales.

To test your optimization, you need to optimize your landing pages. To do this you should use various keyword tools like Overture, Google AdWords, Google AdSense and more. You also need to look at your competition and see what pages they are optimizing for. Focus on the keywords and try to find similar text within your copy that is optimized for the same keywords. When you have found these keywords use them in the copy that you are creating so that you can maximize siroker and conversions.