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Lead Generation: How to Use Google Analytics to Gain Profits

Lead Generation

Lead Generation: How to Use Google Analytics to Gain Profits

For any online marketer who’s ever had to fight to keep his or her page up to date – especially during a very competitive time – you’ll appreciate the value of understanding how to get leads online. Lead generation has become the new selling point for many websites and business people. It’s the later that interests us today. What exactly is a lead generation landing webpage? Definition: like a regular click-through landing webpage that acts as a warm-up activity before an even more critical action like selling a service or product, the so-called lead generation landing webpage is used to gather personal information about the potential buyer before the transaction is made.

Online marketers have two basic choices in creating their landing pages. The first choice involves finding a company with a large database of interested prospects – in other words, a “sales team.” The second choice centers around finding a system, like AdWords, that will generate targeted traffic to your landing pages. Which one are you going to choose?

In order to get high conversion rates on your website, it’s important to understand the difference between a lead generation landing webpage and a regular click-through landing. First of all, a landing webpage typically displays content that visitors are interested in. Second of all, these web pages typically contain a valuable value proposition (or value proposition statement).

A value proposition is, simply, a statement that lets visitors know why they should do something. If your site sells “books,” a value proposition might be “Buy a book.” Some internet marketers prefer to use the phrase “How to Get Started Making Money” as their value proposition, although that is not necessary. In any case, your visitors know what they need to do in order to successfully generate leads and sales.

In order to encourage visitors to make a purchase, you need to give them plenty of reasons to do so. In general, your visitors will act on the basis of three things: they will see a benefit, they will see a problem, or they will see no problem at all. For example, suppose you own an online store. Your site visitors may click on “Directions to Our Store” in order to get directions to our store, on the grounds that they will gain a benefit by doing so.

However, if you do not use a landing page builder, “Directions to Our Store” will not cause much benefit to your business. Therefore, it is important to always use a landing page builder. Landing pages with attractive headline headlines and compelling call-to-action statements can dramatically increase the conversion rate of your site.