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Lead Generation – How to Generate Leads and Get Your Visitors to Conversion

Landing pages are one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your website. What exactly is a landing page? Definition: unlike a typical click-through landing page that serves only as a warm up before an action like selling a product or offering service, the term Landing Page is using to describe the pages which are designed specifically to draw in visitors and gather personal data for future marketing efforts. This data can include things such as name, email address and other contact details that can be used to contact them when they are ready to buy.

Lead Generation

The benefits of landing pages is that they offer one action – a purchase. This action is taken straight from the very source you’ve chosen to contact the visitor. This means that instead of having to prepare a sales pitch to an audience of people who have no interest in what you have to offer, you are able to simply ask them to complete a simple one action process. This is in stark contrast to the old-school “pitch and talk” method of selling. With “pitch’ and “talk” there is no guarantee that the prospect will want to purchase your product. With landing pages, you have a much greater chance of getting that one action – a purchase – and ensuring that the majority of the leads or prospects you generate are highly targeted.

What is a lead or prospect and how do you use it to convert visitors into customers and sales? The process by which you turn visitors into buyers begins with the creation of a funnel. You have to identify visitors from the “qualifying” pool, encourage them to take one action, provide them with a discount or incentive to fill out the form, get them on your mailing list, and then deliver the product or service to them at a later date. To do this successfully, you’ll need to focus on a few different things.

First, you have to get real and specific with your visitors. Don’t just tell them what they want to hear; offer to give them a free report, redeem their coupon or even make sure they can find something within your own product range to fulfill their needs. By taking the time to actually identify the visitors from the qualified leads you will be able to determine the most likely users or visitors to become your customers. You should also use lead generation tracking or analytics to get a better idea of who your visitors are and how likely they are to convert. Knowing this information will help you build and test campaigns to reach more of these visitors.

Next, you need to offer a value to your visitors. As mentioned above, with landing pages you have the opportunity to make your visitors feel like they are being targeted. If you don’t have anything for them to see or to benefit from, they will just click away to another website. With Google analytics and smart focus you can determine what your visitors are looking for and offer a solution that complements their current problem.

Once you have determined who your visitors are, you can then use offers to get them to join you. This is where you turn your visitors into your leads or customers. Offer them free reports, free white papers, or even email course or a monthly ecourse. The idea is to give them enough to stay with you for a while, but not so much that they become annoying visitors or worse, a spam robot. Focus on good customer service techniques, responsive email service, and a fast and friendly website rather than overwhelming features that can lead to a visit to your competitors.