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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing covers many methods for reaching targeted audiences. It includes creating an online identity for your business by means of websites, email promotions, blogs, social media marketing, pay per click, etc. In short, it refers to any method used to attract clients to buy from you or a product or service you offer. Digital marketing is also known as e-marketing, webvertising, online marketing, or online advertising.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses the full gamut of online activities. The most popular digital marketing methods are article marketing, content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, backlink building, and search engine optimization. Digital Marketing also involves using the most popular marketing venues such as email, article directories, blogging sites, online discussion forums, video sites, and websites that cater to niches. The idea behind all of this is to gain a high ranking in the search engines, thereby gaining free search engine traffic, and ultimately free visitors and potential customers.

Content Marketing deals with creating new content for your website, providing informational or entertaining articles, posts, and press releases that are related to your business and related topics. Digital Content Marketing is similar to traditional link building. However, instead of submitting links to thousands of directories, Content Marketing relies on exchanging valuable links with others who have websites similar to yours. Content Marketing is very useful for getting listed in search engines. This method is the most effective when you have other backlinks coming from the same site as well.

Link Building is a method of building links without creating obnoxious ads or spending money on costly advertising. Link Building uses sites such as Digg, Reddit, Propeller, Addicting Squidoo, Hub Pages, and so on to point to your website. Link Building is the process of collecting blog posts, press releases, video posts, images, podcasts, web pages, and videos and turning them into an informative article, a link profile, or a blog post. Bloggers often use video roundups to show off their expertise and quality work.

Social Media Marketing, otherwise known as SMM, refers to the practice of advertising online using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Social Media Marketing involves the creation and maintenance of a list of email contacts, the provision of useful content via RSS feeds, and the promotion of your blog posts, emails, content format, and other offerings to targeted audiences. Social Media Marketing helps to increase your brand’s visibility among your target audience, generate leads, and build relationships with key influencers in your industry. For Internet marketers, SMM is the ideal way to promote your blogs, articles, videos, and other information products for the purpose of increasing traffic, engaging with your target audience, and earning profits from the sales of your products and services.

Video marketing works best with a video hosting site such as YouTube. It generally takes longer to produce, but you can schedule it to broadcast at a certain time of the day or night. Social Media Marketing is more effective if you are targeting an audience of individuals who have similar interests as your target audience. For example, a fashion blog that promotes trendy clothing might want to upload videos showing people wearing the clothing. A makeup and skincare blog, meanwhile, might want to upload videos showing customers applying makeovers. Content Formatting: Web content that you use to present your product and information will also play a big role in Digital Marketing.